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To date, this report is the largest review of Twitter conversations examining the relationship between media and these online sub-cultures. Participants often use Twitter to share and raise awareness about issues of concern on their own terms without waiting for journalists to take interest.

Black Twitter, Feminist Twitter and Asian American Twitter users are twice as likely to express a negative view of a news outlet than a positive view.

  1. Community members express low levels of trust in the media..
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Participants were twice as likely to express a negative view of a news outlet than a positive view. They also criticized and censured news media outlets more often than praising and endorsing them. However, the most criticized outlets were usually also the most shared. Want to learn more?

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Check out Meredith D. Media criticism is generally directed not at fake news but at what is perceived as harmful framing by the media; participants are not so much disputing the basic facts as asking why certain facts are being emphasized at the expense of others. Participants came to trust only individual reporters whose track record demonstrated that they understood and cared about the specificities of Asian-American experiences.

Participants compared the relationship of mainstream journalists to Feminist Twitter as anthropological rather than collaborative and described the discomfort of being written about as if alien rather than to or for. Data show many Twitter users from Black Twitter, Feminist Twitter and Asian American Twitter are bypassing mainstream media as a news source to avoid problematic portrayals.

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Some community members use Twitter as a curated news source to avoid problematic portrayals by mainstream news outlets. When prompted to name mainstream outlets or mainstream journalists they trust for news, interviewees named very few of either, saying they tended to trust specific news stories that other members of the network share as long as the share is not for the purpose of critique or trust news stories written by members of the network first, women of color second, and women generally third. Journalists view Twitter as a highly productive tool for gathering story ideas and insights.

When it comes to journalists mining Twitter for stories, users from marginalized communities are often concerned about lack of control over intellectual property and the potential for online harassment. Active participants did not like having their tweets harvested by journalists for story permission, citing two major concerns: Black Twitter users noted that the reproduction of tweets in nationally distributed news reports exposes them to potential online harassment, threats or violence that they otherwise might not have faced had their tweet not been promoted on a larger platform.

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RTs do not equal endorsements: Report shows that shares on Twitter does not equate to approval or trust of news organizations. The number of times a particular story is shared on social media is often seen as an endorsement and shares are considered to be important metrics for news impact. The data revealed however that popularity in terms of share counts does not necessarily mean approval or trust; content from news organizations with low-favorability ratings were also some of the most shared.

Twitter users from Black Twitter, Feminist Twitter and Asian American Twitter are often in a feedback loop of media coverage of their communities.

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The data revealed feedback loops in which participants created compelling Twitter content, media outlets covered it, and the community then circulated the media coverage of its own content. How Black Twitter and other social media communities interact with mainstream news A new report by Knight Foundation explores how social media subcultures — Black Twitter, Feminist Twitter, and Asian American Twitter — interact with the news.

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The findings: Community members express low levels of trust in the media. Media critique often relates to how issues are framed. Participants bypass mainstream media as a news source. Especially in the gay community. And with a poc. Lol literally admits to his racism? Surprisingly, Aguilar is married and his husband, KevinMilon1 , appears to hold the same mindset.

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